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Plotting My Escape: ¡México, aquí vengo!

No Mas.

No Mas.

Regular readers may have seen a theme running through recent posts: “GET ME OUT OF HERE!”. In case you’re new to The Deal Mommy (welcome, by the way), here’s a recap:

True Deal Mommy Confession: I’ve Been Wearing This. Regularly. Out of the House.

It Was 4 Years Ago, Right About This Time…

So 2 days ago, when news of yet ANOTHER Snowmaggedon (see above for my actual front yard as of this moment, with another 7 inches to come) hit and I knew I was going to be stuck in the house with the kids (and Deal Dad, who I love, but let’s face it…it gets tight) for another storm, I broke. Cracked. It was NOT pretty. (Fortunately for all involved, I was alone at the time).

I don’t know how-I guess after 21 years together he could just feel something dark in the force from work 20 miles away- but when he came home he told me: “Get Out. Just don’t spend much real money.”

Something I know after 21 years together: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! I immediately starting looking for award or cheap tickets South. Anywhere South.

In the minus column, this is peak “getta dodge season”…and I had three days notice. Even Southwest Airlines tickets to Orlando were going for $600. One way. Gonna have to be miles or nada.

In the plus column, I have a TON of USAirways miles and Gold Status, which means no booking fees. Also in the plus: the sweet spot between USAirways leaving Star Alliance and merging with American Airlines means I had lots of options to use them…IF I could only find a ticket.

Also narrowing the ticket ranges: I knew after last winter’s debacle I had better book a non-stop flight both ways to wherever I was going. I also knew I shouldn’t leave before Saturday to give this snow a chance to be cleared enough for my flight to get out.

After spending most of Tuesday on,, (Avios), and, I FINALLY found 2 non-stop flights on United for 35,000 miles round trip that fit the bill to (drum roll…) Mexico City.

Mexico City? Yes, Mexico City! Remember, I need warmth, not specifically beach, and the weather forecast is 78 and sunny, with a 0 percent chance of rain. Perfect. I’ve never been there (my time in Mexico was in Monterrey and parts north) and there’s more than enough to keep me exploring for a quick weekend jaunt.

Saturday Night's view...assuming all goes to plan.

Saturday Night’s view…assuming all goes to plan.

I had a surprising number of points options for hotels. I ended up choosing the
as it was located closest to the actual historical district and had a highly recommended patio restaurant. I decided to redeem one night for 10,000 points, and to pay for one night for $120 (including tax) as the night I pay for will earn me over 20,000 points thanks to the “Big Win” promotion and all of the various codes posted on Flyertalk. The great thing about IHG is that their computer system will pretty much stack every promotion code out there so with occasional paid stays you can leverage free stays over and over.

So, assuming my flight gets out, Saturday evening I’ll be dining alfresco and Sunday I’ll be climbing up to el Castillo and shopping el Mercado.  And if not, well, I’m sure there will be a story…


2 thoughts on “Plotting My Escape: ¡México, aquí vengo!

  1. Becky

    Sounds like the perfect warm weather getaway! Can’t wait to hear how you decide to spend your time (and great food, drinks, sunshine, and shopping is a perfectly acceptable answer). Enjoy!

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