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Megabus: Not Just for The Big Apple Anymore

Deal Girl enjoys some Minecraft on the Megabus.

Deal Girl enjoys some Minecraft on the Megabus.

I wanted to give some love today to the humble Megabus. Buses take a lot of abuse in the frequent flyer world as the transport of last resort, but Megabus has treated me well and they deserve credit. For any trip under 300 miles, buses and planes are pretty much going to get you there at the same rate once you factor in getting to the airport, security, and getting downtown.  (BTW, I do NOT have any affiliate relationship with Megabus, I just like their service.)

This post was intended to be a review of the service to and from New York as that’s what I know best, but upon review of their route map I was stunned to see that they service 120 cities all over the place!

Who Knew?

Who Knew?

So now to the review: Bottom line, I think the Megabus is great! Having ridden now at least 8 times over 2 years, I’ve yet to have a bad trip.

  • They’ve always left on time (and I mean ON TIME…don’t be even a minute late or you’ll miss your bus).
  • Buses have always been clean. (Occasionally you’ll get a passenger who thinks Chinese leftovers are a great idea at 8am, but who hasn’t ridden a Popeye’s plane from ATL?)
  • There’s free wifi (Occasionally it doesn’t work, but you can say the same for GoGo, and you pay for that)
  • Restrooms on board (and they have ALWAYS been clean…a dealbreaker for me!)
  • Drivers always felt safe (another dealbreaker)

Only downside I can think of is the pickup stop in New York…frankly it stinks! It’s 100% uncovered and by the side of the road in an area that’s just about impossible to get to by public transit (edited to add: it’s not hard to get to by public transit if you’re walking and able. But add small kids, a stroller, or any kind of mobility issue and you’re gonna want to cab it.)  However, my guess is that’s assigned by the city and out of Megabus’ control.

I will say that their famous $1 tickets are getting harder to find as service gets more popular, but even peak level tickets from DC to NY cost $27 over New Year’s Break for our Travel Girls Getaway.

I’d be really curious to hear from readers who have taken Megabus to anywhere besides NYC.  If you have, please share your experience in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “Megabus: Not Just for The Big Apple Anymore

  1. Elaine

    Great reminder! We’ll be in Philly soon and this may be a great way to get to see friends in DC and NYC. I wonder how it compares to Amtrak in terms of price/schedule? If I find out, I’ll comment again.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Glad to hear that Megabus service in other cities is consistently good as well! My fear was that outside of their main routes it would drop off.

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