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Dreaming of Atlanis? Here’s a Way to Save and Earn Points to Boot!

Have your kids (and you) seen that awesome commercial with the Aztec waterslide and the pristine beaches and dreamed of visiting Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas? I’ve been there and I can’t blame you…the facilities are stunning. They’re impeccably landscaped, imaginatively laid out, and chock full of surprises for kids of all ages. The beaches live up the hype…and so do the prices.

The rooms…well, you’re not there to be in your room, right? There’s nothing wrong with the rooms, but here’s what a basic 275 sq foot. motel room (no view, no fridge, nada) will run you for 3 nights MLK day weekend:$1109.70.

Atlantis website

And that’s before a morsel of food goes into anyone’s mouth, and earning NO points.

Being The Deal Mommy, of course I have another way: The Comfort Suites Paradise Island has FULL privileges at Atlantis next door!

You read that right: full use of all Atlantis facilities, including swimming pools, private beach, magnificent waterscapes, Lazy River Ride, water slides, health spa, tennis, and Kids Camp. Guests also have full signing privileges at Atlantis’ restaurants and lounges.

Four more line items line up firmly in the Comfort Suites column when you compare it to Atlantis:

  1. All rooms are suites, meaning even the smallest room is going to be at least 1.5x size the Atlanis room with a room divider so you can put the kids to bed and watch TV in peace.
  2. Breakfast is free, so you can feed everyone at least one meal without opening up your wallet. All rooms also have Fridges: this is a HUGE moneysaver for sodas, beers, and yogurts, cheese sticks, etc.
  3. You earn points in Choice Privileges at the rate of 10/$1.   It only takes $800 spend to earn a free night at most of their US Hotels.  You also can redeem points from AMEX at 1 to 1 to Choice: this hotel takes 25k per night, but can only be booked 60 days in advance. (Hat tip to Mommy Points for the reminder.) Choice is currently offering a 20% bonus on AMEX transfers so at some times of the year this may be a good option.
    Also, some of the European Choice rooms go to 8,000 points a night at 30 days out if there is availability, so some great deals can be had at the last minute for redemptions of those points earned.
  4. A 3 night stay at Comfort Suites Paradise Island is coming out about 10% less than the most basic room at Atlantis on MLK weekend (picked at random): $1001.70.

comfort suites


I’m not saying staying at the Comfort Suites will give you the exact same experience as Atlantis from check in-to check out.  What I AM asking is that you examine what you want from your vacation.  If the luxe hotel experience is the priority, Comfort Suites is NOT an option for you.  If, however, what you want is the Atlantis vacation at a more affordable price and family friendly room, you might want to give the Comfort Suites Paradise Island a good look.

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8 thoughts on “Dreaming of Atlanis? Here’s a Way to Save and Earn Points to Boot!

  1. Mommy Points

    On Twitter I meant I was waiting for the 60 day window to book on points at international properties. I’ve never seen Bahamas go down to 8k, though I have seen Europe do that at certain times of the year! Also currently working on getting elite status match with them so I can have a longer booking window. 😉

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Thanks for the clarification. Please do report on the status match as I’m very curious how that works out for you!

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      As a matter of fact, yes! has the Choice Visa (Barclay’s) on page 2. I didn’t mention it because I think you’d do better getting a Membership Rewards AMEX (Gold, Page 1, or Platinum, Page 3) and transferring points from that, but if you are flush on AMEX, Barclay’s are known as easy to churn. Affiliate link to, thanks if you use it.

  2. choi

    I have an off the topic question, hope you dont mind, I have diamond status on HH, if I book a room with my number and status for friends and family, willl I get the credit and they get the benefits ? Thank You

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Choi,
      If you’re there, the answer is definitely yes, up to (usually) 3 rooms on the same reservation. If you’re not there? It’s YMMV, but especially if they have the same last name I find hotels to be pretty flexible…I know I’ve checked into rooms under my husband’s Priority Club Plat account without him before with no problem.

      If it were just a friend without me being there…you could book under your name, then later add your friend as a 2nd person to the reservation. As long as they’re a named party so they could check in. I think they would be fine as long as they didn’t broadcast that you weren’t coming.

  3. Julianna

    I’ve actually booked rooms for a couple nights at Atlantis using Marriott points this Christmas. Since my hubby is a road warrior for work, we are often swimming in Marriott points. So probably not the smartest redemption for most, I’ll admit. Flying the family of 5 there all on points too. But I’ll probably still bring breakfast bars and cereal in my suitcase:)

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