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Loyalty Points in Action: 2 nights ORD = Free Stay in a 700 year old Convent in Grenada


Do you have a business trip or need to be out of town for two nights or more before Jan 15? I have a scenario for you that could also get you a night in that super-expensive destination for free anytime in the next year! It involves a bit of creativity, but I’ve laid out an example here for you to follow.

Marriott has a MegaBonus deal: Stay twice between September 15, 2013 and January 15, 2014 and get a free night in a category 1-5 hotel. Note this says “stays”, not “nights”, so the best strategy is two one night stays. Even if you’re spending two nights in the same town, you can do what is known as “mattress hopping” (it sounds more exciting it is!), staying one night in two different Marriott chain hotels. This promo is good at Marriott chain properties, so you could stay at a cheapie Fairfield inn and still get the bonus. Remember, you have to register by Nov 15 to qualify! To find the deal, log into your “Marriott Rewards” account. Don’t have one? No worries: it’s free. Best of all, you can do it up to three times, staying six nights and earning three free ones.

Next, go back to Marriott and book two one night stays in two separate hotels. There are literally thousands of ways to do this, but I’ll present this easy example for someone going to Chicago Seminars. I’ll make it super do-able by limiting the selections to hotels within 5 miles.

Friday October 11:
Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suites Hotel
$109 plus tax ($126.88)

Saturday October 12:
Courtyard Chicago Wood Dale/Itasca
$63 plus tax-rate almost gone, next rate $79 ($69.93). Rate also available Friday so you can switch these.

Spend Example:
Night 1 $126.88
Night 2 $69.93
Total: $196.81

I could have done this weekend for even cheaper, but I wanted to include a real-life example of a trip someone would actually want to take.

Then, you’ll get a free room from Marriott up to a Category 5 room! There are hundreds of hotels that you could use, my example is a August 4 night in Grenada, Spain at
AC Palacio De Santa Paula, Autograph Collection®
. At 153 Euro ($206.55) it means I’m getting the room not only for free but am paying $10 less for the original two rooms than the free one! I could get even more expensive rooms, in Paris for example, but this hotel is a converted convent and Grenada has been on my “must return” list…

Last year I also ended up ahead on the MegaBonus as I redeemed my free night in Montreal in a room that cost over $300 a night.

Please share how you could use this great promo!

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4 thoughts on “Loyalty Points in Action: 2 nights ORD = Free Stay in a 700 year old Convent in Grenada

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Karen,
      Go into your Marriott rewards account and click on the “my promotions” tab. You may be targeted for something different, but similar. Please report back what you see…

  1. Hender

    On the website it says: “A ‘stay’ is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/check-out activity”.

    Doesn’t that mean that someone has to stay at least 2 nights to get a so called “stay”?

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Hender,
      Oh no. I can absolutely verify that one night qualifies as a stay. What you CAN’T do is check out and check back in to the same hotel on two back to back nights, say Friday to Saturday. What you CAN do is do the same hotel with a break in between: Hotel A on Friday, Hotel B on Saturday, back to Hotel A on Sunday qualifies as 3 stays. Hotel A on Friday, no hotel on Saturday, Hotel B on Sunday qualifies as 2 Stays. Hotel A on Friday and Saturday (no matter how many times you check in) is one stay. Now, if you have 2 people, Person X can stay there on Friday and Person Y can Stay there on Saturday, but not on the same account.

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