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Hurricane Tracker: If You’re Traveling During Rainy Season Bookmark This Tool!

Hanoi in August? Bring an Umbrella!

Hanoi in August? Bring an Umbrella!

I’ve used the NOAA website before when planning a trip during hurricane season and just found a great hurricane tracker tool there if you’re looking for weather patterns worldwide.

Wondering what the chances of a tropical storm hitting Hanoi in August are? Well, about 1 in 6 based on the historical data- there have been 21 since 1842. How did I know that? Thanks to the chart above and this handy little “National Hurricane Tracks” tool. With it you can type any city, worldwide, input any month, select all the years, and see how many tropical storms have hit that location. Genius!

To be honest, I’m not afraid of traveling during rainy season…in fact I rather enjoy a tropical rainstorm. What I DON’T enjoy are stories about “despondent” tourists waiting to be rescued from Hurricane Manuel.

With a little research, and a little luck, I’ll be staying on the bright side of the road.

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