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True Deal Mommy Confessions: Geography Fail

Antigua, Guatemala, 2011

Even the Deal Mommy needs to stop and think sometimes.

After the story of my first flight on Southwest Airlines arrival in Charleston should have been the least stressful part of that Thursday evening. However, I made a mistake in Geography that my fifth-grader would have caught: I booked my rental car in the wrong state.

So once I finally staggered off of the noxious fumes of flight 417 and into Charleston airport, all I wanted was a rental car and a night of sleep.  I sauntered confidently to the Alamo booth…which didn’t exist! So instead of my easy-peasy exit, I had to re-book a new car at full retail.

How does someone who has flown over a million miles, stayed over 1000 hotel nights, and rented over 100 cars do this? Easy…by being careless and by not paying attention to the details. I needed a car, I typed “Charleston” into the search engine, (for the 2nd time…having done it a week earlier so knowing they were around $100), saw a $50 price, and grabbed it.

Of course, the reason it was $50 and not $100 was not because of some great bargain (I now know) is because it was in Charleston West Virginia, not Charleston South Carolina.

Point taken…and lesson to pass along: no matter how experienced a traveler you are, sweat the details!

Travel junkies: Please help me feel like less of an idiot and share your fails!

6 thoughts on “True Deal Mommy Confessions: Geography Fail

  1. Becky

    Better than showing up at SJU airport to fly home…and realizing you booked your flight for the next day. Managed to fly standby, but it was a stressful 30 minutes talking to the agent about whether or not they could help me.

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