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Groupon Mystery Deal Sucked Me In With (up to) 99% Off . Have You Tried It?

Update: Got this Mega Bloks Spiderman 4 Oscorp Spider Lab: $8.68. in my Groupon Mystery Deal.  Good for the gift closet, but not even worth $12.99. (Technically 14.99 retail, I guess…). Win some lose some. Let’s see how Tanga’s trash treats me next week.

I’m sending out a broadcast to see if anyone can report on their results with the Groupon up to 99% off Mystery Deal for just $10 . At $12.99 shipped I figured it’s not much more than a lottery ticket. It’s at the top under the shopping tab if you wanna play along. I’ll be sure to post what I got, no matter how heinous, if you do the same!

Affiliate link in post. Thanks for your support if you use it.

27 thoughts on “Groupon Mystery Deal Sucked Me In With (up to) 99% Off . Have You Tried It?

  1. Vanessa

    Mine has shipped and weighs 0.1001 lbs.
    what in the world can be so light?!
    It’s coming out of Grove City,OH via DHL shipping. Will post what it is once I get it!

  2. Taj

    I received this stupid book for weight loss inspiration crap… Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast, and Lasting Weight Loss…. which is totally whacked, I threw it in the garbage right away. Also online I saw the price of this book is $10.99.
    This Groupon is ripping people off now. My suggestion: DO NOT BUY THESE MYSTERY CRAP!

  3. Mary

    I just received mine today. It is a yellow Crayo Angles watch. It retails at $125.00. Definitely not my style and a little disappointed but maybe I can re-gift it. Ha!

  4. Nina

    I got a 5 subject spiral bound notebook. Really? The last time I would have needed this was…oh 1986? I could get this at Staples today for less than $10 if I had a need for one. And the invoice doesn’t even match what I received. It says “4-Pack of 5-Subject College Ruled Notebooks. There’s a big difference between 1 and a “4-pack”. It’s definitely a gimmick I won’t fall for again. I’ll donate it to a school supply drive or something.

  5. Marisa

    I received a bath set consisting of a golden rubber duck, sickly sweet shower gel and lotion. At least I can use everything minus the duck, but I sure will smell like a high school girl.

  6. debbie

    I received a professional curling iron. Looked it up and retail is 325…ebay is selling from 85 to 225! Even if I got 75 I’m still glad I bought it. I guess you never know what you’ll get. Mine was free with another purchase and only paid 3 for shipping. It would suck to get a notebook. It should at least be the value you pay!

    Good luck,

  7. Nicole

    I got a Dora the explorer camp chair! I’m sure my 9 month old will love it o_O. Funny thing is I saw this on groupon a few weeks ago it was 11.99…… sucks

  8. Erica

    I have purchased the mystery groupon twice so far and BOTH times I received a 10″ tablet retailing over $500 each! Crazy!

  9. Vanessa

    So I finally got my mystery groupon…. And it is a bracelet.
    Ashley Bridget Nautical Bracelet:Navy
    Not really my style but will regift for Christmas 😉

  10. Jamison

    I received two 3-packs of replacement toothbrush heads… Really? I don’t even own a toothbrush these would work with… Selling for under $5 on amazon… Sticking with woot

  11. Ash

    Well, I got the best deal of them all–an empty envelope! Groupon sent me a bubble mailer with a piece of paper saying that I should have gotten a necklace but didn’t actually send the necklace. Unfortunately, Groupon has the worst customer service; I’ve contacted them twice in a week and a half, they keep saying “we are working on it” but haven’t offered me a replacement or a refund. It looks like I probably am just going to have the eat the price of the mystery deal. [sigh]

  12. Angela

    Mine has been enroute since the 9th, but DHL said delivery would be no later than tomorrow! Weight is only .177, so hoping for something I can wear that is shiny and pretty! I will update tomorrow!

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