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Hacking Omaha Steaks for the best deals

omaha steaks dealsI use Omaha Steaks, but NOT for Steaks. I love them for their “down market meats”: burgers and hot dogs. I don’t know what they do to a hamburger to make it taste so good, but Wow! With hamburger prices over $5.00/lb at the grocery their prices are also fairly competitive, and you can can shop in you PJs.  They also have a free rewards program with frequent promos for members.

BUT, they are also guilty of hyperbole. Every email they send contains THE BEST DEAL EVER. So how are you to know if you’re really doing well? No worries I’m here to help! I just search “free shipping”.  Get the cheapest item with free shipping (usually around $60 for the combo) and the rest of your order ships free, no matter what else is in it.

Once you do that, go to checkout and at the top of your screen you’ll get a bunch of pop-ups where you can add items that are the absolute lowest prices they offer. There’s a 3 for $29.99 deal that you can choose more than once and various steak add-ons that change with what they have in stock at the bottom of the checkout page. Then I go straight for the “overstocks” page and select whatever I didn’t see in the 3 for $29.99 from there.

And if you get REALLY lucky, you’ll get a pop up after checkout offering you $5 lobster tails like I just did.

Use ebates for cash back.

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