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Traveling through Europe with Kids 15 or Under? Use this trick to get ALL of them around for free!

If you’ve spent any time in Europe I’m sure you’re aware that policies are much friendlier towards kids on the other side of the pond. 1/2 price kids tickets are pretty common on most European modes of transport. However, while planning Camp Mom I came across a set of fares that seemed too good to be true. I didn’t want to blog about them until I had actually tested my ticket and it went off without a hitch…and it did!

So here goes…IMHO the best deal in Western Europe if you’re traveling as a single parent with more than one kid, as I was: The Dbahn 3 day advance purchase ticket allows any parent or grandparent to list an unlimited number of children or grandchildren for free on the same ticket.

Read that again: unlimited. Traveling with the Brady Bunch? Free. The Duggars? Free.

Here’s something I learned while booking that makes it even better: a Dbahn ticket, while being booked on “German” rail, does NOT have to start or end in Germany! As long as you TRANSIT Germany, it counts!

For instance: I bought a ticket from Salzburg to Paris. I changed trains in Stuttgart (Germany). Dbahn booked it as a German ticket, and my kids booked as free! Second class was 69 Euro for all three of us. I went nuts and paid the extra 20 Euro (89 all in) for first class so we got reserved seats, lounge access in Stuttgart and a full meal on the Paris train including a nice Rose for me!

Not a parent? Dbahn has some other group rates that are worth a look.

Have you found any other “all kids are free” steals? Please share!

3 thoughts on “Traveling through Europe with Kids 15 or Under? Use this trick to get ALL of them around for free!

  1. Denise L

    Thanks for the info. While we usually rent a car, I do enjoy train travel in Europe too. But I always find the train timetables, schedules and fares rather confusing so I will have to poke around the website a bit before our next trip.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Denise,
      I found a combo of car rental and train to be most effective on our trip. I used the car when we were stationed in one spot for a week and the train when point to point made sense. I do agree that the site can be a bit confusing. I found that pulling out a map of Europe on paper (I got the Rick Steves “Europe by Rail” from the Library) while I looked at it helped me keep all of the cities straight in my head.

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