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An Unexpected Education, Thanks to the Ambassador Suite

If you’ve seen Cars 2 and/or traveled with Kids to an Asian hotel you may know where this post is going…

If you take a look at the photo of the Ambassador Suite 3301 at the Paris Hyatt Etoile you’ll a heavy East Asian influence in the decor. That Asian influence stretched to the bathrooms, which the Deal Kids discovered, to their great dismay, before I did.

We got to the suite after a very long day that started at 5AM featuring 8 hours of train rides featuring two frantic boarding experiences. I crashed on the sofa while the kids explored the cavernous suite, which featured a shower and toilet in one room and a separate room with a bathtub and vanity down the hall.

After about five minutes, during which I almost dozed off, I heard a shriek coming from the shower/toilet room. I dashed into a scene that reminded me of, you guessed it, Mater in Cars 2.

Turns out that our toilet had a super-modern bidet attachment so the handle on the side that Deal Girl thought was for flushing actually shot out a high velocity stream of water. Since she had already dis-mounted, the water shot out about 5 feet into the air, across the room, and hit the mirror on the opposite side of the bathroom with an impressive “splat”! Of course Deal Kid got there before I did, so it had been repeated before I got there, so there was a nice puddle on the floor by the time I arrived.

Further experimentation with the bidet attachment showed it had pulsing and temperature control. Once I explained what it was for, Deal Kid was fully on board…Deal Girl was still skeptical.

Have your kids ever discovered any foreign hygiene routines? What did they think? Please share!

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