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Ankle Wallet: My $7 travel security solution!

Big hat tip to Deal Grandma-in-law for this one. I got one of these travel wrist/ankle wallets for Christmas and have now used it on many trips to pickpocketing capitals.┬áVerdict? The ankle wallet is a MUST HAVE!!! It’s SO much more convenient than a money belt, and just as invisible if you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

This little sucker got me through Paris over Bastille Day with nary a thought of pickpockets…and guys in trenchcoats were all over the place on that 80 degree day! I wore Khakis and had it on my ankle with my hotel key, emergency money, passport copy and credit card. My “throwaway” money was on my attached leather belt wallet.

Affiliate link in post…thanks if you use it, but PLEASE buy one of these if you use my link or not!

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