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Camp Mom Recap: Holy Crap, It Worked!

Deal Kid was a lot smaller the first time we were here.  7/13, Rotunda Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

Deal Kid was a lot smaller the first time we were here. 7/13, Rotunda Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

  • 26 Days: 14 with Deal Dad, 12 with just Mom and 2 Deal Kids.
  • 5 countries – 4 of them more than once.
  • 10 Airport check-ins.
  • 5 immigration officers, 1  of them private.
  • 7 train stations.
  • 2 missed connections.
  • 2 rental cars. One broken driver’s side mirror (not saying which car as the agency didn’t notice!).
  • 7 hotel rooms-8 if you count the room we had to rent but didn’t actually sleep in, 3 upgrades, 0 Swimming Pools.
  • 2 pharmacy trips in 2 countries, 1/2 day lost to illness.
  • 1 McDonalds and 1 Burger King visit
  • 3 bags and 2 car seats at start, 4 bags and 2 car seats at end.
  • 2 Mommy Meltdowns: on days 11 and 23

Those are the stats, in black and white. I’ll be breaking down the last month over MANY blog posts: what worked (more than I thought would!), my mistakes (including some embarrassingly rookie ones!) and tips for those of you considering a Camp Mom of your own.

Bottom line, though, is that Camp Mom worked!  Transitions were OH SO stressful, Food was more costly than planned, and gas at $8/gallon was a killer, but all in all, the kids had fun and learned a ton (thought not in ways I had intended…more later) and I return both motivated and energized…just not right now.  Jet lag is a killer as you get older!



8 thoughts on “Camp Mom Recap: Holy Crap, It Worked!

  1. flyer708

    We discussed about this matter awhile ago, and I can say I have successfully booked my room there for next year. Now I just need to secure the view/upgrade with whatever means available. And now, let the countdown begin.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      I remember! I’ll have a full review in a few days (once I regain my jet-lagged head). Bottom line: fine hotel, great location, not quite Hyatt service yet, but they’ll totally be there by next year. If you can get the club level, you’ll save a TON with the full breakfast and afternoon snacks/wine.

      The fireworks themselves: bucket list experience. Can’t even begin to describe. Be sure to have the TV on for the narration and music (much of it was in English!) , but you can hear the booms from the hotel and the strobe light shone directly above our room!

      1. flyer708

        I can relate! After seeing those numbers above, with kids, EPIC is the only word I have in mind. I recently completed a trip with Mrs. 7 countries in 16 days, 11 flights, but without kids. (I’d glad to share the TR if you are interested, privately of course). I can only imagine what is like to have little ones along. Wow! I think the best part of any of these trips, is that whenever you think about it aftermath, you get that smile, hard to wipe off your face. I look forward to your TR!

        1. The Deal Mommy Post author

          Thanks! Epic, and TIRING! Today will the first day I leave the house since returning four days ago;)

          1. flyer708

            Done! I called Etoile, and for €80 more, I get a Deluxe Eiffel Queen Room, after learning that upgrade with points from a standard club room is out of the question. Now time to put together a party with friends and family. Should be nice!!!

  2. The Deal Mommy Post author

    So glad to hear! WORTH EVERY PENNY to guarantee the view IN WRITING! I have a real story to tell about that coming up in the blog!

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