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“The Real World” and The Real World

The "Real World" June 26, 2013

Our “Real World” June 26, 2013

Most milestones for me and Deal Dad go by with a yawn-it’s just the way of the real world with two busy lives and two kids. However, June 26, 1992-the day we met, is special, and we try to at least stop for a moment and recognize how different out lives would have been had it not been for the French Embassy and MTV’s The Real World.

Let me take you in the wayback machine 21 years ago to that fateful Young Republicans ball, which I was attending with five male friends as a group date. I didn’t have any special affinity to Republicans, more an affinity to dressing up and drinking free beer at the French Embassy where the event was being held. In my Scarlett O’Hara dress from Merry-Go-Round, I felt like a 22 year old Cinderella. With my 1992 Salt N Pepa fade, I looked more like Cruella De Vil.

Deal Dad was on his own adventure, visiting friends in DC from an internship at Penn State. He didn’t have a ticket to the ball, but that didn’t stop his enterprising pal from “procuring” one for him. Unfortunately, the one stolen for him was for a woman, but after some creative sharpie work, Deal Dad attended the ball as “Raphel Campos”. Those of you who have met Deal Dad know he looks about as UN “Raphel Campos” as a man can look, but the ticket got him into the ball.

Here’s where MTV comes into the story, and a LONG overdue apology is due: Turns out that stolen ticket actually belonged to:

Image via MTV

Rachel Campos, then of “The Real World, San Francisco”.

Ms. Campos-Duffy, please accept our apology for stealing your ticket to the Young Republican’s Ball in 1992. I hope your celebrity status got you into the event as it is certainly a night we have never forgotten!

At least you can rest assured that the crime was not in vain. 21 years and 2 kids later, we’re still going strong, and without you, my Real World would not exist. Happy Anniversary, Goof.

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