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Driving Overseas With Kids 12 and Under? Save This Post to Avoid a Nasty Surprise!

The Deal Kids all buckled up, Quebec, 2012

The Deal Kids all buckled up, Quebec, 2012

I’m starting to gather all of the details for our upcoming European family trip and wanted to share a tip that could save you a LOT of grief and money if you’re driving with kids overseas: bring your car seats with you.

If your kids are under 5 I know this is a no-brainer, but did you know that in many countries in Europe booster seats are required for kids 12 and younger? Here’s a handy list by country of regulations. If you are aware of any other lists, please share.

No worries if your kid hasn’t used a booster in years: this Graco Backless TurboBooster Seat is only $21 on Amazon and is the one we use for both Deal Kids. Walmart and Target B&M have them for around the same price.

Robin raised a GREAT question about EU compatibility. I’ve done some digging and have (I think) good news: Check out this booster seat on the Graco UK website. It lists “universal compatibility” and looks identical to the one I have in my car (and have posted above). While not 100% conclusive, I don’t think the UK would allow them to represent that statement if the seats weren’t allowed to be used in Europe!

Considering you can pay $20 a week for a single booster seat rental and carseats don’t count against your baggage allowance (well, I can’t vouch for Ryanair, but on legacy carriers they don’t) this is one item I won’t leave home without.

Note: Affiliate link in post. Thanks for your support if you choose to use it.

4 thoughts on “Driving Overseas With Kids 12 and Under? Save This Post to Avoid a Nasty Surprise!

  1. RobinHD

    Probably not too much of an issue for a short visit, but some countries are quite picky when US-approved car seats are used in EU countries. You should use EU approved car seats out there if you will be in Europe for any extended amount of time (I’m not aware of any that meet both US and European standards).

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Robin
      Please share if you have any more specific info on where you are aware of issues. I would like to check further. Thanks.

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