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If you’re happy and you know it, so am I

Put on a happy face!

Put on a happy face!

Happy start of summer! The Deal Family is in Williamsburg, VA this weekend taking in some American History before our big adventure to Europe begins next month.

I wanted to take a minute to address a comment to my recent post about how you can get Ireland for less than a week in Ocean City, MD as I’ve seen versions of it before:

Lynn wrote: I get your point about cost but many families really like to spend a week at the beach (my extended family goes to Nags Head). Everyone does not like to fly and some cannot fly (my autistic nephew would never last five hours on a plane) so remember different strokes for different folks.

Lynn makes an important point, and I want to make sure you know I hear it, and you. People travel (or don’t) for lots of reasons, and it’s not my job (or anyone else’s) to tell you that what you do is wrong if you are happy with the choices you make.

Much of what I write is written for the people who are NOT happy with the choices in front of them due of budget limitations.  If that describes you, I challenge you to take just one idea presented and act on it…each one will snowball and before you know it you will be impossible to stop!

What I am here to do is to give ideas and options when you are ready for something new, or to help you maximize your budget with the ol’ reliable.

Hope you’re doing something wonderful this holiday, however you define it.

2 thoughts on “If you’re happy and you know it, so am I

  1. Traveling Well For Less

    Lynn has a good point about flying and that everyone has different vacation wants and needs.

    On the other hand, you do a great job about presenting all sides, even if it means challenging other writers. 🙂

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