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Monterrey Mexico: Extreme SlugBug, World Peace, and Chickens

Give Peace a chance!

Give Peace a chance!

It’s so funny how the mind works. My first2board companion Jamison just tweeted out a photo from Monterrey Mexico that brought back memories. Memories of a restaurant in a mechanic’s garage, memories of Volkswagen beetles being both taxis and police cars, making SlugBug an endurance competition, but most of all memories of the Chicken of Peace.

Let me explain. My Dad had a career in Federal Law Enforcement that began on the Mexican Border (or La Frontera), progressed to Mexico itself, then went overseas. In the late 80s/Early 90s the family lived in Monterrey. Now I personally wouldn’t visit Monterrey on a dare (have fun, Jamison!), but at the time besides burglary and the occasional police bribe families were usually not bothered.

Most days there were a ragtag group of the usual people you see at protests demonstrating outside the United States Consulate protesting…well, something having to do with “Imperialism”, I’m sure. On this particular Saturday, the group wanted to make a statement by releasing a dove but apparently didn’t have one handy…

and so was born the “pollo de paz”.

2 thoughts on “Monterrey Mexico: Extreme SlugBug, World Peace, and Chickens

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      It’s all relative. I’m sure it feels fine on the ground, but there are just so many other cities in Mexico that are safer!

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