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Deal Mommy Tested: Irish Castle on Sale!

This hotel (ahem, CASTLE) is Deal Mommy tested. I’ve stayed at Dromoland, in Western Ireland (commutable to Shannon Airport and it’s, well, a CASTLE!!! I very rarely say a room at $218 is a bargain, but in this case, having paid the bill there for a blowout night, I know it is! The castle gardens were just as I imagined them in all of my Medieval romance novels and we spent a wonderful night in their “pub” (it was more of a club) in the highest-class sing-a-long of the “Green Alligator” song I’ve ever been in! Some Castles have been restored to a more rustic state, Dromoland is 5 star in every aspect.

Friends of TDM know I have a special affinity to the Emerald Isle as Deal Kid was actually born in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin thanks to a happy confluence of my pregnancy and Deal (soon to be) Dad’s work assignment. Ireland is one of the few places I’m aching to return (I like to cross places off my list and move on), and Dromoland is one of the more luxurious reasons. Six short weeks and we’ll be on our way! While Dromoland is not on our agenda this trip, I highly recommend it for a 5 star stay. Use the 25k round trip Boston-Dublin on Avios deal to get there cheaply. This hotel is closer to Shannon, but it’s only a 2 hour drive from Dublin as well.

Escape to a land of timeless beauty, where verdant rolling hills lead you through mystic forests to tranquil hidden lakes, and discover the wonders of Dromoland Castle Hotel. Originally a 5th century castle, this fabulous Preferred Hotels & Resorts property—part of the Preferred Hotel Group—just outside of Ennis, in County Clare, Ireland, invites you to immerse yourself in the quiet countryside while you enjoy complete comfort and care. Individually styled rooms are charmingly warm and vibrantly unique, with touches of classic Irish style blended seamlessly with modern luxury. Brilliant natural light streams through large picture windows, while gorgeous views of the countryside are truly enchanting. Rich wood furniture and accents are beautiful reminders of a more elegant era, while flowing marble bathrooms and deeply plush beds ensure your every comfort today. At Dromoland Castle Hotel let the beauty of Ireland warm your heart and soul as you sink into the lap of true luxury.

Here’s the deal: for $437, get 2 nights in a Queen Anne room in the CASTLE. That rate includes all VAT, which is up to 20%. Kids stay free in same room. This deal is good till May 31 and Nov-Dec, but over the Summer at $605 is a good deal as well. I priced out a weekend night in July and the room rate was $589. They price their rooms per person, not per room, if you browse their site just to get an idea!

To get it, here’s what you do: First, Accept my invitation to Luxury Link. Once you have your invite, you’ll see $50 in your account. To find the hotel, just search “Dromoland” and it will pop right up. They have both auctions and buy it now, I’d recommend the auction because in the months I’ve been browsing the site, the first bid usually wins. If the auction is not available when you look, check back in a few hours to a day as it will most likely get relisted.

So, you’ll see:
No. of Nights:
Regular Price:
$860 Taxes Included
Minimum Bid:
Taxes Included
Your Max Bid:

(Enter $447 or more)
Then when you hit “next”, you’ll see:
No. of Nights 1
Current Bid: US $447
Your Maximum bid: $447
Taxes: Included
Handling Fee: $40
LuxuryLink Credit:
[-US $50]

Enter your CC info (you’ll only get charged when you win). When you win, you’ll send in your dates. If you need specific ones, you can call the hotel first to double check.

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