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Baelo Claudia, My favorite Roman Ruin, is not in Italy…

Deal Kid at Baelo Claudia, October 2005

Deal Kid at Baelo Claudia, October 2005

As I was researching options for Camp Mom, I discovered this wonderful site called historvius that has interactive world maps that let you search for historical sites by era, date, or person. I especially love this site because it pulls up sites that you might not be aware of, leading you to new destinations. For instance, consider Baelo Claudia, a perfectly preserved (and uncrowded with tourists) town dating from the era of Jesus Christ located near…Cadiz, Spain. Baelo Claudia is the best Roman Ruin I’ve seen, including those in Rome. This leads to one of my top tips for family travel planning: think about the experience, not the destination. 

Have you ever found something “from another place” while on vacation? Please share!

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