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Angry Birds @NASAKennedy: Genius, Idiocracy, or Both?

Note the T-Shirt!

Note the T-Shirt!

Today I noticed a press release from the Kennedy Space Center touting their new Angry Birds Space exhibition as “both a fun and educational experience”. Associate Director Kelvin Manning continues: (Angry Birds) will help to ensure the next generation of explorers will have that interest in space exploration, as well as the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics….

Having visited last week, I have to call fowl on the idea of the Angry Birds display (I can’t even call it an exhibit with a straight face) being educational. To call a bunch of apps attached to TV screens and a slingshot game educational makes you sound like a dodo (Please forgive the bird puns, couldn’t resist!).

That being said, I kinda loved it! The games were fun on the big screens and the laser game, which is a re-creation of every museum-theft scene in every spy movie you’ve ever seen, was worth the wait. The lines were the longest in the entire park both days we visited…I felt sorry for the astronaut next door speaking to an empty room.

Which leads to my question: Is the partnership of Nasa and Rovio a sure sign of Mike Judge’s vision coming true, or just the necessary spoonful of sugar to get the rest of the medicine in the Space Center down? Truth be told, I’m kinda scared of the answer.

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