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A Hampton Inn with a big surprise inside

Image via tripadvisor

Image via tripadvisor

George from Travel Blogger Buzz gave a shout out to a comment I posted regarding trip reports, which seem all the rage lately: “…if I see a compelling reason (value, amenity, surprise) to choose or NOT choose a hotel, I’ll do one. Otherwise, visit tripadvisor.”

That reminded me that I wanted to give a shout-out to the Hampton Inn & Suites Vilano Beach in St. Augustine, Florida. I’ll skip the 37 photos of the room/breakfast/bathroom/etc. which were all pretty standard Hampton Inn. I’d even advise against the “ocean view” (unless it’s free) as their photographer is VERY generous in his placement of the camera…there’s a huge parking lot, road, and walkway to the beach!

However, their pool area stood out, especially for a value/budget property. As you can see from the photo, it’s immaculately clean, a nice size for a small hotel, and has a bar. But that’s not what stood out to me. Can you see what did?

This. I expect a Hampton Inn’s pool to have plastic furniture, not Frontgate. They’re not even knockoffs…I checked!

So for 30K points (now 40k) or $219 during Spring Break, I had a pool experience that beat many five star resorts. Well played, Hampton. Well played.

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