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When 1 Euro is just too much

The most dangerous sign in Tenerife

The most dangerous sign in Tenerife

If you’re looking for a low-cost European option, Tenerife is a great choice. However, with great bargains come great responsibility. Allow me to explain.

Any American who spends time in Europe knows that beer and wine are quite literally cheaper than water. In Puerto de la Cruz (the town I stayed in), decent draft beer (usually Dorada) and drinkable Spanish wine was 1 Euro a glass at many restaurants. When it’s that cheap, it’s really easy to have one or two with dinner and then the waiter comes along and asks if you want a third…BEWARE!

Everyone has their own level of alcohol tolerance and mine is set firmly at two drinks, especially when traveling. Things tend to get goofy for me after drink number three and while that can be fun in the moment, it can also lead to a world of hurt later.

I had the privilege of taking a dolphin and whale watching cruise while in Tenerife, which has a unique spot in the migration patters of whales. The dolphins (and there were at least 50) frolicked, soared, flipped, and rivaled any I’ve seen performing at an Aquarium. Two did a 20 foot jump in perfect unison that had to have been rehearsed! I also saw close to 20 whales, including some that were hands reach from the boat. It was quite literally a lifetime memory.

However, close to half the tourists on the boat missed it. They were huddled up inside the boat, barf bags at the ready. Were the seas rough? No, not at all! Was there a sudden outbreak of Cholera? Not that I know of. The explanation was that they had overindulged the night before and at lunch that day and were hung over. The inside of the boat looked like a MASH unit and smelled like Bourbon Street on Ash Wednesday. The 55 Euro spent on the boat trip, which was an amazing value to me, was literally flushed down the toilet for them.

So in closing, I’ll share a friendly reminder from one of my heroes, Droz from PCU:

Don’t be that guy!

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