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My secret weapon to slash Museum visit costs!

Our Personalized Star Wars Characters, Montreal Science Center, August 2012

Our Personalized Star Wars Characters, Montreal Science Center, August 2012

I took the Deal Kids to Baltimore last March. During that visit, we all visited and fell in love with the Maryland Science Center. I knew we’d be back, so instead of paying $38.85 for admission, I went ahead and bought the family membership for $125.

So what’s the secret? Well, did you know that having membership at one museum gets you into hundreds of others worldwide for free?

The membership is still valid, so by searching this extensive list of ASTC “passport” member museums, I found The Orlando Science Center, The Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences, The Astronaut Planetarium, The Discovery Center, The Florida Air Museum, and The Florida Museum of Natural History all within an hour of our upcoming Spring break beach condo. Lots of choices for a rainy day, and all free!

Here’s a quick recap of how the membership saved The Deal Family this year:

Over winter break I took the kids to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and visited the science center again, saving another $38.85.

August in Montreal with the Deal Kids I took advantage of this benefit at the Montreal Science Centre, saving $28.50, TWICE.

Memorial Day weekend, we saved $88.90, more than paying for the difference in membership. We visited Nauticus and Battleship Wisconsin in Hampton (saving $46.90), and the Virginia Air and Science Center (saving $42).

On the Carlson Triple Dip to Amish Country, I could have chosen to visit the Lancaster Science Factory, the North Museum of Natural Industry and Science, and the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, saving another $75.

There are also museums in Iowa that the Deal Kids can visit with their grandparents for free, and literally thousands of dollars that can be saved in admissions. This rule also works for zoos and aquariums. Each has their own association that allows you free visits to member museums. Just search this extensive list of ASTC “passport” member museums.

The bottom line lesson: Buy the Membership! Not only will you do good (and earn a tax deduction), you’ll save real money while your kids learn and have fun. That’s what I call money well spent!

How have you used Museum/Zoo/Aquarium Membership benefits? Please share your experiences!

One thought on “My secret weapon to slash Museum visit costs!

  1. PatMike

    My local science museum annual family membership is only $60 and I have used it for many out of town museums.

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