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Deals in Action: Brookshire Suites Baltimore

Deal Girl makes a fort for her friends

Deal Girl makes a fort for her friends

We snagged a $99 nightly rate for a night at the Brookshire Suites in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor including parking and a $25 dining credit and I wanted to give a quick review of both the hotel and the deal.

Hotel Overall: B. I would consider this hotel at regular rates for a weekend getaway. The rooms are all suites, which means you have privacy. I would have appreciated two double beds instead of one king, but the hotel was sold out on the night we visited so we gave Deal Daughter a “special bed” MacGyvered out of a chair and ottoman. Full kitchens are included if you want to do snacks, but see below for why you don’t have to! Rooms were not luxurious, but were clean and comfy. No view whatsoever from our room.

Ameneties: A+. This is where the hotel shines. Free happy hour, including beer and wine along with your snacks! Free full breakfast. Staff that LOVED kids, and even a “treasure chest” with dollar store toys the kids “earn” by collecting coins from staff members. Amazing what kids will do for a plastic snake.

Location: A. Only a block from the Inner Harbor.

Restaurant Voucher: C Turns out you can buy certs for the same restaurant.

Bottom line value: B+ Rates at this hotel vary from $119-$204 including tax. We did have to pay $15 tax at the hotel, but that still represents a discount once you include parking. I would GRAB this again if the $99 rate comes up. If I were to book again, I’d be sure to use as they have a hotel-independent rewards program AND they often offer rebates on longer stays.

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