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The real reason I do all this

I’m sharing a story today that demonstrates exactly why I jump through all of the hoops required to earn miles and points and scour the internet for free Megabus tickets and other deals that help us travel more.

The Deal Family enjoys “Project Runway” together. Both kids have definite opinions both about the fashions and the designers, and besides the occasional language slip it’s a fun family activity.

Inspired, Deal Girl decided to play “Project Runway” this morning. She brought out her handy Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio and we re-created an episode, pretty much scene for scene. I gave her a challenge, she sketched, went shopping at Mood then came back to the “workroom” (a cardboard box) to design her creation out of recycled craft paper and markers.

After a hard day’s work (and a break for go-gurt) she headed to the “L’oreal Paris room” (the bathroom) for some chap-stick and a high pony.

For a finale Deal Dad and I judged a fashion show starring Deal Girl and Dolly and awarded Deal Girl immunity for next week.

Ok, I hear you: Nice story, Deal Mommy, but what does this have to do with miles and points?

Actually, a lot. You see, because of my work diligently scouring for deals, we’ve visited New York three times in the past year for less than most would pay for one trip. Deal Girl has shopped at Mood, has walked down Fashion Avenue, and has seen now one but two sets of Project Runway designs in person:

At Radio City Music Hall

At Radio City Music Hall

and at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

So when Deal Girl plays Project Runway, she’s not only imaging what being a fashion designer looks like, she’s seen it with her own eyes. And when she presents her final product, it’s with the confidence of not only pretending that she’s a designer (or marine biologist, or Mayan Empress), but the firm belief that she can be whatever she wants to be because, in her 6 year old mind, seeing is believing.

What better reason could there be?

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