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Do you need a taxi to the airport? Rent a car instead!

Drive your own taxi!

I’m in Chicago this weekend at the DO (a seminar of miles/points junkies) and have learned SO many tips and tricks already. I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks, but wanted to bump a trick of my own. If you’re here at the DO, please say hi!

I learned something new recently worth sharing: did you know most car rental agencies will let you return your car to a different location in the same city? This little trick can save you a bundle if you’re in a town that has a high airport tax rate or high taxi rates from downtown the the airport, or at least give you some fun day-trip options you might not have considered.

Here’s is an example: I rented a car in downtown Montreal to drive to Quebec, then back to the airport. The cab rate was $34.75 + Tip. The car rental rate on Avis or Budget, picking up downtown (.7 miles from my hotel) and returning to the airport, was $36 a day including all taxes.

So, for the same price, you can pick up a rental car, enjoy it for a day-trip out of the city, and return it to the airport on your way out of town.

This made the difference for me between going to Quebec and not going to Quebec. I was having trouble justifying the car rental as an extra expense, but knowing that 1/2 of it was paid for by saving on an airport taxi made the extra stop make much more sense. Not to mention that my Avis Preferred Status (free with my AMEX Platinum) got me a fully loaded Dodge Charger for a midsize price. The Deal Kids still miss the “cool car we had in Montreal” as we toodle around in the DealMommyMobile.

Have you used this trick before? Where did it get you?

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