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On solo travel as a Mom and Wife

I posted yesterday about the fun of solo travel. I stand by that post, but realized this morning the truth is a bit more nuanced. (Note to WordPress: Please create a widget that forbids posts after a shot of Havana Club Anejo.)

Because the 2nd question I hear after “won’t you be lonely?” is “won’t you miss your kids and husband?” Emphatically yes…and no.

The un-asked question of a Mom who dares to admit she could use some time without her kids and husband is “How could you?”

Here is the answer: having a family is hard. I wish more of us would be honest about that fact. It is entirely possible, indeed normal, to love a person more than life itself and crave nothing more than to leave them for a few days!

And to be fair, my kids and husband are with me even when I’m gone. Modern technology means I hear from them everyday, and could do more if it weren’t for Deal Dad being very disciplined about me taking “my” time. Many little things here bring them to me, like the first song I heard on the radio being Deal Kid’s favorite (Dynamite by Taio Cruz), to my car being a Fiat “Panda” (Deal Daughter is OBSESSED with Pandas) to a private joke shared in an email to Deal Dad.

My family deserves the best of me, and travel brings it out and presents my best self to the world when I return. I exercise more, eat better, smile more, worry less, and take time in my own head that just doesn’t come any other way.

Daily life can suck away your joie de vivre if you’re not careful. Please don’t let it! Moms, get away, if even for a single night. Your kids deserve it!

2 thoughts on “On solo travel as a Mom and Wife

  1. The Deal Mommy

    The foreign-ness is great, but it’s the simple act of getting away, ANYWHERE that refreshes. I send Deal Dad on a Priceline Overnight just down the road when he starts looking crispy.

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