Woman bought a house from reselling iPhone 7 phones

Time reports that a woman bought a house from reselling iPhone 7 phones. That is perhaps not the most impressive part of the story. 

Reselling iPhone 7 Phones

iPhone 7 via Apple.com

BBC reports that a Chinese woman was able to convince her 20 current boyfriends to each buy her a just launched iPhone 7.  This was posted on a blog, penned by “Proud Qiaoba.” on the Chinese Tian Ya Yi Du forum (which I’m sure is a favorite of many Tagging Miles readers). The story is about a woman named Xiaoli, the woman who found a way to procure the 20 iPhone 7 phones, then sold them via a “recycling site” called Hui Shou Bao – yet ironically, I can’t find any good data on this site–because we’re all looking for new marketplaces! Back to the story. Xiaoli was able to resell the iPhone 7’s for 14,500 GBP (Pounds Sterling), which was enough for a house. 

Of course, the BBC article notes how surprised folks are that a phone that was launched only on 16 September, could have been resold so quickly. Our members in the Mile High Reselling Club who know how important it is to get in and out of some products as quickly as possible. So I’m not particularly surprised on the turn, assuming of course that Hui Shou Bao doesn’t have Amazon’s return policies

You can watch the full video from BBC here: 


I have to say, this is an impressive feat! I never would’ve thought that reselling iPhone 7 phones could generate enough profit to make a down payment on a home. I suppose if you don’t actually pay for the phones, that would of course, change the math. 

Did you try reselling iPhone 7 phones? How did you do? Is there a new home in your future?

6 thoughts on “Woman bought a house from reselling iPhone 7 phones

  1. Her monetary cost of goods is about zero. This is not technically a reselling and it possibly has some ethical issues in her practice. Hard to think about having 20 boyfriends at the same time….

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