What’s going on at United, more #PaxEx improvements, Reselling tips and tricks

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And, I don’t think this is generous enough to move SPG or Marriott to drastically improve their next offering.

I’m not sure I agree – Marriott on average offers between 35-50k points, at least my offers, and I feel like Marriott points are valued significantly less than Hyatt points. But, only time will tell, how Marriott will respond.

  • And if you’re trying to think of the most efficient way to get those 25 nights, well, check out what Chasing the Points offers, as a way to get Diamond status for $1376.


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4 thoughts on “What’s going on at United, more #PaxEx improvements, Reselling tips and tricks

    • @Travel Summary – It may not be a popular opinion, but I think that while some are calling for greater screening / security / insert kneejerk reaction, it is important to realize what kinds of measures have been in place since 2001, and what good people have had to endure. I’d ask have those measures helped? But its really hard to gauge the answer. Its like asking whether your anti-virus software is working…

  1. I think it’s pretty clear that Hyatt doesn’t move in lock-step with their competition, especially given that they didn’t even offer a 1Q promo. In times of strong Hyatt promos, Marriott still ran weak ones from time-to-time and SPG came with a bit of weak sauce here and there. Ultimately, though, it’s occupancy and average rate (or anticipated occupancy and rate) that is driving down the need to offer lucrative promos. This one from Hyatt surprises me a little bit, but I suspect they’re testing a few things to see if it moves the needle.

    • @Pizza – I agree, Hyatt is up to something. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is along the same strategy they played with the status matches late last year on the heels of the Marriott-SPG tie-up. They got a lot of people to move their business to Hyatt. This could be a promo geared toward incentivizing those new folks to keep their business with Hyatt.

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