Weekly Travel News Roundup: August 22, 2014

The Weekly News Roundup is a collection of headlines from around the internet that caught the attention of the Tagging Miles team. Content on these blogs do not necessarily reflect the positions of Tagging Miles, and should not be considered endorsements. Have a great story we should read? Contact us now and let us know!

Do Now (if you haven’t already)

On Blog Content and Credit Card Affiliates

  • Ariana at Pointchaser made her stand to Barclays when they threatened “modify your content or else.” We’re proud to be part of the Saverocity team, as we’ve run into similar issues, and decided that our controlling the content is the right way to go. Kudos for Ariana for doing the same.
  • While I don’t think we’ll see Matt changing his content, he’s embracing credit card affiliate links as a small way to do goodWe would definitely encourage you to offer your thoughts on preferred charities.


Manufacturing Spend for Hotels

On Hotels Loyalty Programs


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