Vote For Your Favorite Loyalty Programs in the Freddie Awards!

The Freddie Awards were introduced in 1988 by Randy Peterson, as a way to acknowledge the worlds best Loyalty Programs. Its important to note that the travel loyalty programs actually really seek these. If you’ve seen e-mails from Hyatt, American Airlines, or Marriott, then the message is clear: The Freddie Awards are important. I’ve written about the Freddie Awards in the past, including in 2016 and 2015

Freddie Awards 2017

Freddie Awards, credit, the Freddie Awards.

Now is your chance to cast your vote for the loyalty programs that you know and have appreciated most throughout 2016. Here’s a quick overview:

First, you choose your country, since the Freddies have taken over the world (or at least a good portion of it!)

Freddie Awards 2017 - 2

Then you’ll select your region:

Freddie Awards 2017 - 4

Then you just select your and rank your top three!

Freddie Awards 2017 - 5

There are a bunch of categories to vote on, they are:

  • Program of the Year (Airline)
  • Program of the Year (Hotel)
  • Best Promotion (Airline)
  • Best Promotion (Hotel)
  • Best Redemption Ability (Airline)
  • Best Redemption Ability (Hotel)
  • Best Customer Service (Airline)
  • Best Customer Service (Hotel)
  • Best Loyalty Credit Card
  • Best Elite Program (Airline)
  • Best Elite Program (Hotel)

Oh yeah, and the important thing: Vote here!

Loyalty programs are the cornerstone of our community, and provide some of the incredible values that we leverage on a monthly or annual basis. All of that said, I think its important to note, the loyalty programs listen, and this is one of the ways you can really have your voice heard. So please, take a few moments to vote in the Freddie Awards.


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