Touring the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan

This is part of our Thanksgiving Round the World trip, you can find my initial thoughts / intro here, Flying All Nippon Airways Square Class, Flying All Nippon Airways Business ClassThe Grand Hyatt Tokyo review, The Grand Hyatt Beijing, and the Hyatt Regency Mainz.

I’ll be the first to admit, I hate fish. Maybe hate is a strong word, but, I am not a fan of fish, and every indication I’ve ever gotten from fish, they are not a fan of me. I can accept that. It’s a circle of life thing. I’m not in their circle, and they aren’t in mine. Good enough for me, hopefully it is good enough for Google. But alas, Tokyo has a fish market, and even if I don’t want to eat the stuff, I am at least interested in seeing how it moves from ocean to the table. I mean, lets be honest, it doesn’t swim its way there!

Enter the Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

As I understand it, this market is going to move at some point (originally I thought at the end of 2014). I also understand that it’ll be rebuilt, but, I don’t know where, or when. Needless to say, given that this market was going to be moving, and this is widely viewed as a must do when visiting Tokyo, we decided that we’d make the journey. We didn’t get there at 5am for the auctions, we weren’t that committed, but we did get there in the morning and wandered around.

We saw many people bartering for the fresh fish and just wandered around.

RTW Nov 2014 144

Though since we got there later in the morning we were able to take our time and watch as some of the stalls were finishing up for the day.

RTW Nov 2014 164

Mind you we still had to dodge the guys on the little trucks. At the speed that they zoom around the market they just might run you over if you get in the way or if you are not paying attention.

RTW Nov 2014 154

We did see plenty of fish though.

RTW Nov 2014 146

Fresh Roe. Caviar anyone?

Some knives used in the filleting of the fish.


RTW Nov 2014 177

Cleaning and prepping a very large piece of fish.



After it is filleted.



Given the age of the market its not surprising that they would go through a ton of ice.

RTW Nov 2014 198

Ice shredder

RTW Nov 2014 206

Blocks of Ice

After spending some time at the market we wandered around the near by neighborhood. Though I’m not a big fan of fish it was pretty cool to see the market.

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