Thai Airways 787-8 Business Class in 8 Photos

I haven’t seen anyone else review the Thai Airways 787-8, so I thought sharing a brief review of Thai Airways 787-8 Business Class in 8 Photos would be well received. I’ll share a more extensive review when I get through the rest of my trip.

The Business Class cabin wasn’t terribly large, it’s only 5 rows, starting at row 10, finishing at row 15, with 6 seats per row (so 30 seats total).


The seat itself is a B/E Aerospace seat. It’s not my favorite, but for a 4 hour flight, it is more than sufficient.


Even though it was a four hour flight we got blankets to use and an amenity kit to keep.

More then sufficient amenity kit for a four hour flight

The food service was good but not spectacular.

My wife had to test out the cappuccino machine

Shrimp and Scallop Thermidor (not quite to Singapore Airlines’ caliber)

The In Flight Entertainment (IFE) had a great selection and a nice bright screen.


I don’t think Thai has gotten the new darker windows, because as we were flying during the day, the windows were pretty bright (compared to the lights being out in the cabin).

Oh, by the way this is a view of economy (note I kept my distance).


Bonus Picture:

Because I really appreciated the comments on my beautifully shined shoes here’s another shot of them!







2 thoughts on “Thai Airways 787-8 Business Class in 8 Photos

    • @PointsForLater — the seats are angled, so I don’t think one is really closer to the IFE. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend it for an overnight flight… But comfy to Bali!

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