Star Alliance Gold Track Security Speeds You Through Security

Alliances are doing some cool new things now a days. Some are taking away flexibility, like OneWorld, but, others like Star Alliance are adding cool new features, like Star Alliance Gold Track Security. 

Gold Track Security

As described by Star Alliance’ website:

This new Star Alliance benefit allows you to proceed more smoothly through security, bypassing the usual queues. It is currently available in more than 100 locations globally and is being rolled out airport by airport across our network.

Gold Status holders (including those travelling in Economy Class) or customers flying with a member airline in First Class or Business Class are all eligible for Star Alliance Gold Track access.

Essentially, Star Alliance Gold status (mid-tier status) holders get a more streamlined experience through security. Its limited to an extent to some of the major Star Alliance hubs, but when you look at the map, you’ll see, there’s a fair amount of options:

Star Alliance Gold Track Security

You can search your particular airport via this link

Overall, Star Alliance says that it is currently available at more than 100 locations. 


In my opinion, it is things like this that truly add value. The fact that Star Alliance is thinking outside of the box here, and figuring out ways to make travel easier, is really super key in my opinion. I think this is one of the true values of airline alliances. Let me stress that, airline alliances should make travel easier; whether it is interlining baggage, streamlining connections, or providing reciprocal lounge access. That’s pretty much the point, right? An airline joins an alliance with the intent to provide their customers a better experience. In this case, I think Star Alliance truly deserves kudos.


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