Saturday Special: Grand Hyatt Singapore

Reason for Choosing

My wife and I have been to Singapore at least 3 times. Each of those times we stayed at the Marriott (roughly, a block away, if that). We wanted to try the Grand Hyatt Singapore (@GrandHyattSing), and we were able to get a cash and points rate that worked for us (and still got us the stay credit – which Marriott does not give).

Lobby and Check-in/Check-out Experience

We spent barely any time in the lobby.



We were met at the car (which, was organized by Emirates, and not the hotel) by an associate with a tablet. She asked our names, and escorted us right to the elevators and checked us in in the comfort of our room. I was pretty impressed with her efficiency given no advance notice. As a side note, we were also upgraded to a beautiful suite here as well.

Beautiful Suite

Beautiful Suite

Check out was uneventful and fairly efficient.

Where the hotel stood out

The Grand Hyatt Singapore’s use of technology to enhance the guest experience was impressive. Not only on check-in, but, also when you go up to the lounge, there is an attendant that asks your room number. By the time you make it upstairs to the lounge, another associate is ready to meet you, and escort you to a seat, greeting you by name.

Lounge Dinner Spread

Lounge Dinner Spread

Where the hotel fell a little short

We really didn’t stay in the hotel long enough to identify any “real” short falls. Perhaps the only one I would offer is that when you go to the lounge, you exit the elevator and still have to climb another set of stairs. For my wife and I, that’s not an issue, but if we had either set of parents, it would be inconvenient.

Wrapping Up

Overall, we only spent an overnight in the hotel. Having been upgraded to a suite, and such a seamless arrival experience, made this short overnight an experience onto is own. It was really impressive to see such efficient use of technology to enhance the guest experience, we haven’t seen that nearly as much as one would expect in this day and age. That said, we would definitely stay at the Grand Hyatt Singapore again.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Special: Grand Hyatt Singapore

  1. We stayed there for 3nts in July on points, with Platinum status via Chase Hyatt we got a suite as well. They even let us stay in a regular room since we arrived at 6am until our suite was ready. On top of that, breakfast buffet at Straits Kitchen was included. Overall phenomenal value, service and amenities. Definitely staying there again when we go back.

    • @CNoteZ – Awesome! Glad to hear you had a great time. We didn’t get the chance to try Straits Kitchen as we had an early flight out, but definitely will next time!

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