Review: Cathay Pacific Singapore to Hong Kong – Business Class – A330

We were among the final group to board, partially because we had enjoyed walking around Singapore’s Changi airport, that much. We were seated in the mini-cabin behind the galley and behind Door 2L, in 19D and G. This was a different seat for us, as it was a bulkhead seat.

I found the seat to be rather comfortable (as you can see me already reclining), however, I’m not terribly sure I’d prefer this seat if I were on a long haul flight, as it is not very private. It does however feel much roomier.

We were provided menus and pre-departure beverages (this time just water and juice) as boarding finished up.

Soon we were taxiing to the runway, and then on our way to Hong Kong on a quick 3 hour and 20 minute flight.

As we taxied, the crew turned on the In Flight Entertainment (IFE), unfortunately, as I quickly found out, for the second time in as many flights, my Cathay Pacific provided headphones were not 100% functional. I settled for one ear of sound until we got above 10,000 feet, and asked one of the crew for a new pair as they were walking about the aisle, they were back with a replacement before I could unplug the old ones.

Just as an aside, as I was able to watch nearly 7 episodes of Game of Thrones on my two regional Cathay Pacific flights, it would be much better, if they turned the IFE on at the gate, and kept it functioning until arriving at the destination’s gate.

We were in the air for roughly 10 minutes before the crew appeared in the aisles with a 3 course breakfast. First fruit and bread:

Then cereal, yogurt, or muesli:

Finally, the main course, which was either an egg dish, Chinese dim sum, or congee. My wife and I both chose the egg dish, not something to write home about though:

After breakfast, which finished about 2 hours out of Singapore, I settled in for some more Game of Thrones and broke out my Microsoft Surface to do some writing. I also enjoyed a cup of Hong Kong Milk Tea…. I feel like I can never get enough of that stuff, it’s just a very well rounded flavor.


The flight from Singapore to Hong Kong is only a 3 hour and 20 minute flight, give or take, so it’s not really enough time to get a good rest, but, you can certainly try, or just watch a bunch of TV (aka Game of Thrones), I will say, I felt the bulkhead seat to be much roomier, but, also had concerns crew walked out of the galley, since the seat is just so open. This is a small thing, but a thing, nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Review: Cathay Pacific Singapore to Hong Kong – Business Class – A330

  1. We’re these the reverse herringbone seats? We’re you next to each other? And, if so was it easy to interact? It looks like these seats face away from each other.

    • @Justin – they were reverse herringbone. You do have to lean forward to be able to talk to each other… once or twice I had to wave my hand to get my wife’s attention, as the noise cancelling headphones are reasonably efficient.

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