ResellingDO 3 tickets will go onsale on 21 May!

I mentioned in my Save the Date that I would give a week’s notice.

True to my word, I am giving a week’s notice. I wanted to speed up the time between the “save the date” and actually releasing tickets, primarily because I know people want to start booking travel, and I don’t want folks booking travel, if they cannot get a ticket. It just seems unfair.

So that said, we will be releasing tickets on Saturday 21 May, at 10am Eastern Time, with a second grouping of tickets to be released on Sunday 22 May, at 10am Eastern Time.

I can’t tell you everything, but here is what I can tell you:

  • Tickets will cost $95.
  • You will get 5 beverages/beers, and lunch
  • A ton of great networking opportunities, and a number of awesome speakers

I won’t share all the speakers right now, for two reasons: (1) I don’t have them locked in, and (2) I won’t lock the speakers in, until the survey is back with what you all want to learn!

But, I will say this:

  • We’ll be inviting Micheal Dean back to talk about Gift Cards – Reselling them, Buying them, Maximizing them.

I have a number of other folks who have expressed interest in attending and speaking, but I’m hesitant until we get the results of the survey that I will send out after we release tickets. The reason we do this is because we want to provide a line-up that you, the attendee, wants. Potential topics include:

  • Tax
  • Reselling Tools
  • Tips and Tricks for Scaling
  • Others based on survey results

So, I realize I haven’t given you every detail, but the fact is, we’re more than 3 months out. I want to give you the opportunity to form some of the DO, and I’ll take your input and make a masterpiece.

The things that will not change are:

  • Date/Time: 11 September/9-6pm
  • Location: Jailbreak Brewery, Laurel, MD
  • Link: ResellingDO3

13 thoughts on “ResellingDO 3 tickets will go onsale on 21 May!

  1. Trevor – I can’t wait. If I score the tickets, it will be my second time at the brewery. Great beer and great venue.

    • @MickiSue – I don’t think I see you on the list yet. Will release more tickets tomorrow. Had technical difficulties right at 10am this morning, won’t happen tomorrow though! Sorry for the difficulties!

      • Wait. So if I’d tried after it said “sold out” I might have gotten in?

        Oh, man!

        I do have a request for those who, like me, plan to try tomorrow.

        If you are going to buy a ticket for your spouse/SO, thinking that this DO will convince them to join you in reselling, maybe, rethink that. There are such a few tickets available that it would be a kindness to let people who already care about reselling buy them.

        Baltimore has a lot to do, especially in the area around the Inner Harbor. Maybe spouse would prefer looking around there?

  2. For those going I got a very good points deal with Southwest flights into BWI and also the Laurel Holiday Inn Express is 15k IHG points per night, free breakfast and wifi.

    See you all there!

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