Possible awesome reselling deal! ~30% Margin

So, if you didn’t notice yet, I leave the entirely legitimate deal posting for reselling deals to BigHabitat and Dia. But, Every so often, I see a deal that looks a little wacky. Kind’ve like the Bidet. But every so often I see something that just looks crazy enough to explore further, because, we all need to expand our minds, expand our markets, and attempt to innovate.

And with that, I introduce you to:


The MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer at Microsoft!

Now, I’m no expert, but when I see a product with “Save $476.00” I’m just dumb enough to click. (see, even us bloggers go after clickbait sometimes!). So First, I looked at Amazon, only to find that Amazon is selling it at full price! Even better, it’s #62 in Industrial & Science > Additive Manufacturing Products > 3D Printers! I mean, there’s got to be TONS of 3D printers out there, right? Heck, there was even one on NCIS last night!


My next thought was to look at how many points I could earn, so I went to my trusty Cashback Monitor

Microsoft - Cashback Monitor

As you can see, I haven’t loaded my configured values into Cashback Monitor just yet, but, that not withstanding, I think the winner is clear — American AAdvantage.

So, now lets start working the math — you’ll earn 4,495 AAdvantage Miles. Then, as we move to the margin, here it is from FBA Calculator:

FBA Calculator - MakerBot

Lets work that math out for you – so, if you were to sell this product at $1,375, and buy the product at $899 (we’ll just ignore shipping both ways for this example), you’d make: $292.48. That’s roughly 32.5%!!

But not so fast!

So, here I am, ready to buy 5, or 10, or call up Barclays to increase PFDigest – Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard’s credit line, but first I try to add it to my inventory (to make sure I can sell it as new, after all), and I’m met with this:



Oh no! The product is in a gated category! I’ve been Thwarted!

The moral of the story?

Always make sure you can sell awesome looking products (and more so, sell them as “New”)! Oh, and if you can sell in the Industrial & Scientific category, run, don’t walk, to this baby!

2 thoughts on “Possible awesome reselling deal! ~30% Margin

  1. Trevor,

    Any way you can make your embedded pictures bigger? Every time I try to click on one to get a bigger version, alas, it’s still small and hard to read.


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