Qatar Airways to operate A380 to Atlanta for Inaugural flight

Qatar Airways A380, courtesy of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways A380, courtesy of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has been having an awful lot of fun with this Atlanta route. I won’t go into the crazy things Qatar CEO Akbar Al Baker has said, but lets just say he doesn’t seem to like Delta Airlines. In fact, I gave up writing about the whole US3 vs. ME3 last year.

Today Qatar’s latest salvo was a press release, highlighting their new Doha – Atlanta nonstop flight.

To put a fine point on it, where Emirates and Etihad have flown their A380’s first to New York, Qatar is going to fly their first A380 flight to the US to none other than Atlanta! It will just be for the inaugural flight, but still, the message is awfully clear, they aim to eat Delta’s lunch, in their primary hub.

The sad part of course, is that other than this flight, which will occur on 1 June 2016, Qatar really doesn’t utilize their A380’s for flights that seem worthwhile to fly on an A380. They fly from their hub in Doha to Bangkok, London, and Paris, all flights that are in the 5-8 hour range, which seems hardly enough time to enjoy the bar, have a nice meal, and get some good rest.

But alas, perhaps His Excellency will decide to fly the A380 someplace further afield sometime soon. New York seems awfully popular with A380’s, and, you know, there’s always Atlanta.

H/T to AirlineGuys

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