Patriotism and Super Bowl LI

I find the commercials of the Super Bowl to be interesting. I wrote last year of my favorite commercials. This year, I found some of the trends to be interesting, perhaps, even timely. I’ll warn you at the outright. This may very well verge on the political, but, that is not my intent. If patriotism offends you, perhaps its best to move on.

Fox’s Ragged Old Flag Pre-game Super Bowl Feature

I happened to be watching the pre-game show, and not paying the most attention. This one caught my attention. I couldn’t find the feature itself, however Fox did share the Behind the Scenes, and its worth a watch:

Post Super Bowl LI Kickoff

Then we moved on to Coca Cola, always a classic.

And, lest we not be only US centric, there was of course, the Avocado patriotism entry:

Finally, perhaps the coup de gras; Anheuser Busch with the journey to become a patriot — or, as they now are, the Belgium King of Beer

So, what did you think of the Super Bowl Commercials? 

2 thoughts on “Patriotism and Super Bowl LI

  1. The word I would use for the commercials that most moved me would be multi-ethnic, more than patriotic, although I can see that as a valid interpretation, as well.

    The silly Coke commercial brought tears to my eyes–but then I cry for Hallmark commercials, too. And the Budweiser commercial seemed to be more about how we are a nation of immigrants, and lest we forget, our ancestors faced discrimination for their foreigness.

    But, in the end, it was actually a good football game with some better than average commercials. Usually it’s excellent commercials, with a worse than average football game. So. There was that, wasn’t there?

    • @MickiSue – Very true… I don’t know, nothing will warm my heart as much as the Budweiser Clydesdales and the pup. The frogs were funny too… But I can totally appreciate the theme. When you think about it, this would be a nice trend; some level of coordination of “theme” or “message” – advertise the product, but also provide that next level of experience. As far as the actual football game… I felt like it was really 1 quarter + OT that was truly great, the rest was fun, but felt kind’ve one sided… I do love a great comeback though, even if I have no preference of which team will win.

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