New Kimpton Promo, Rants, Upgrading on ANA, Stealth Southwest Devaluation

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  • I’ve seen at least two posts on the topic of Delta acting like a child and ending their contract (after 20 years) to sponsor a theater in Atlanta, because they are hosting a Qatar Airways event. The theater does good things, but in this case, the theater screwed up. Stakeholder Management 101. I have no pity on any side here, except the theater’s attendee… But the fault I think, lays squarely on Fox Theater. Anyone in their right mind that thinks they can live in a vacuum and not understand a sponsor’s business (when apparently decent dollars are being put up), is ignorant at best.

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One thought on “New Kimpton Promo, Rants, Upgrading on ANA, Stealth Southwest Devaluation

  1. I definitely recommend that you try Kimpton. I started out with a status match of my Hilton Diamond to Kimpton’s Inner Circle and have loved them ever since my first stay in NYC. You don’t get all the benefits (ie: free stays at their new hotels) with the status match until you’ve had a few paid nights, but there are always promos going on, so you can easily find some low-cost options to hit the 4 stays and grab all the benefits. Let me know which Kimpton you stay at and what you think of it. I’ve primarily stayed at West Coast Kimpton’s, but I have a few East Coast trips coming up to try them out as well.

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