Do you LUV or hate the new Southwest Livery?

Last night, in the midst of Notre Dame shutting out Michigan, a photo of a potential new Southwest Livery was leaked. Airline Reporter covered it, along with Frontier’s new livery.

The leaked livery isn’t a huge change.

Leaked Southwest Airlines Livery

Leaked Southwest Airlines Livery

By my eye, its a bit brighter, but really, the biggest change is the location and font of “Southwest”. Take a look at the old one:

Current Southwest Livery

Current Southwest Livery

As far as why Southwest would make a change now – I’d offer there are a bunch of reasons. First off, we do know Southwest is promoting an event on Monday.

What else could precipitate such a change? Well, the AirTran brand is on its way out. Other than that? Maybe they just needed a change? Personally, I like the old livery. Maybe its the blurry photo, but I’m not a huge fan of the name over the windows.

What do you think? Do you LUV Southwest’s new livery?

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