Hotel cars, kickfurther for MS, airline stocks

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  • Miles to Memories highlights an awesome perk of the American Express Platinum card – that being a 4 hour grace period with Hertz.
  • Flying one of the longest flights in the world, in economy. You won’t see a trip report like that on Tagging Miles–even though I do enjoy flying Emirates. But, this is an entertaining read none-the-less!
  • Lucky discusses taking a hotel car. For me, this is part of my $20 rule. – If it makes my life easier and reduces stress, even if its a little more than $20 difference, I’ll still do it. Besides, I value my marriage.
  • American Airlines raises checked bag fees. Seems like no notice, plus surge pricing. I can understand the surge pricing on some routes – if you’ve ever flown to the Middle East or Africa, some people check a ton of bags.

Miles and Points

  • An update on Kickfurther from Frequent Miler. I’ve been using Kickfurther myself, more for the investment opportunity, where the miles / points are a bonus, but, it is still a pretty good option for those looking for manufactured spending opportunities… just note, there is risk and there is a period of time before you get your payout.
  • Doctor of Credit reports rumors of a new, enhanced¬†Chase Sapphire card. This card will likely be a competitor to the recently devalued Citi Prestige, and American Express Platinum.
  • American Airlines reduces partner earnings… This one really hurts, more than baggage fees.

Non Sequitur

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