Flying Korean Air for the First Time – Part One

This is a continuation of my round the world trip in August/September 2014. You can read the other sections of this trip report as follows: Flying the Emirates A380 in First, The Grand Hyatt Dubai, The Grand Hyatt Singapore, Flying the Emirates A380 in First for a second time, The JW Khao Lak, and Flying SilkAir Business Class- Phuket to Singapore.

This covers the short 6 hour red-eye flight from Singapore to Seoul.


We had arrived in Singapore a few hours early because we had flown in from Phuket on a different award ticket. With hours before our flight, we ended up walking around the airport prior to spending a few minutes in the lounge prior to departure.  We tried to see if we could get into the the KrisFlyer lounge since we had flown Silk Air into Singapore but ended up not being able to — for some reason I’ve been to a bunch of KrisFlyer lounges around the world but not to a single one in Singapore! We ended up at the SATS Premier Lounge, which was really nothing to write home about though they did have self-serve drinks, food, internet and working power outlets.

The flight

It was a quick 6 hour red-eye flight that we were on and the crew was great right from the start.

Boarding Korean Air Flight from SIN to ICN

Boarding Korean Air Flight from SIN to ICN

We appreciated how the flight attendants greet you as you are boarding the plane, always with a smile and very chipper especially for it being a late flight.  Now if we could get this kind of service on the US flagged metal.

The plane was a Boeing 777-200 which meant the older seats but none the less they were more than sufficient to nap in during the flight.



Prior to take off the flight attendants came around with a blanket, pajamas, amenity kit and slippers. The slippers were a bit small for me but fit my wife just fine. While they did do a meal service right after take off we both failed to grab any photos of it. I was tired, even with eating, still got ~4 hours of sleep. The flight in general was choppy, which helps me sleep even better–almost as well as I sleep on the water.


This flight was our first experience flying Korean Air and got us to Seoul with plenty of time to spare for the Korean Air A380 into Atlanta. If you needed to do business in Seoul the next day and were coming in from Singapore this is a flight to consider, as it arrives ~5am. In the end it was a great short overnight flight.



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