Cancelling a trip due to injury

Forgive the lack of posts over the past few days. After an amazing ResellingDO, I incurred an injury and have been trying to get back from it.

In the process of trying to heal up (it’ll be a while, but the staples–as opposed to stitches–come out next week), I came to the conclusion that I had to take some advice that Joe Cortez–editor emeritus of Tagging Miles–shared; namely: When not to travel.

I thought I’d share the process by which I ended up having to cancel 5 hotels reservations, and 4 (and maybe a 5th) flights.

If the doctor says you shouldn’t fly, ask him to document it

My doctor knows how often I like to travel, but, luckily, sometimes calmer minds prevail and I realize when I shouldn’t. This was one of those cases where we saw eye to eye and I relented from my great desire to visit Vietnam.

The hotels required one phone call to Hyatt, since I had mostly booked points+cash options vs. nonrefundables.

The nice thing about the situation, was that I was able to cancel most of the flights via direct messages. Twitter really has become pretty awesome now a days.

One of the flights I had to cancel was via United:


It’s important to note that United said to send my doctors note when I rebook, not at the time of cancellation.

The other flights were on American, and were similarly easy.

Conclusion when Cancelling a Trip

When bad things happen, it just sucks. But, it certainly does become more complicated when you have to cancel travel. Generally speaking, the number one rule is: Get a doctors note. Not all airlines have the same policy, so it can certainly be a Your Miles May Vary (YMMV) experience. I haven’t rebooked travel yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to share the other side of the experience. Of course, as Joe would say – this might just be a perfect reason to have travel insurance.

Have you ever had to cancel a flight due to an injury?

10 thoughts on “Cancelling a trip due to injury

    • @Sourcing Simplifiers – you just gave me a silver lining – glad to share something new on the doctor’s note!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. And, yes, the Reselling DO was awesome, but it sucks that you followed it by this!

    Get better soon!

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