Amazing! 10 Percent Cashback on!

Its an idle Thursday night here on the East Coast, and so of course, no one expects something that may be borderline best ever, but Ebates and TopCashback came out with something to blow our socks off. 10 Percent Cashback on! You all know by now that I love shopping portals!

Update: Doctor of Credit reader Calvin reports BeFrugal is at 11%, though it doesn’t show on CashbackMonitor. 

10 Percent Cashback on

Usually a single portal will do something like this, and lets be honest, Ebates is a favorite for this sort of stunt. I’m not sure if they started it with this:

 10 Percent Cashback on

But, it certainly caught my attention! A quick look at Cashback Monitor shows that this is in fact close to the best ever cashback rate:

10 Percent Cashback on

And even that, 12% rate was Shop at Home, which right now is at 2%.

But Wait, 10 Percent Cashback at gets better!

If you thought Ebates was good, TopCashback jumps on the bandwagon too!

10 Percent Cashback on

Its pretty hard to beat when there are two cashback shopping portals offering a great 10 Percent cashback on like this!

Wrapping Up

I realize this may not excite the miles and points folks here, but for resellers, this can be a big deal. I for one will definitely be taking a look for some of my favorite products, as normally the best I see is 5% cashback, which means this is 200% the norm!

What do you think? Will you be buying from now that you can get 10% cashback?

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7 thoughts on “Amazing! 10 Percent Cashback on!

  1. Based on the way they’ve treated me before and the lousy service, I wouldn’t buy from them if they gave me 90% back.

  2. The point is to buy AND get a good ROI AND get the products delivered in decent condition AND (if you’re me) not have umpteen boxes to recycle.

    An extra 10% back certainly helps with the first. I can’t speak for Walmart for the second or the third. At least, at, you won’t be treated like a criminal, which is what I feel like every danged time I go to the Money Center at any of the local Walmarts. And, come on, Trevor, you know how shady I look!

    Despite my deep hatred for their corporate policies, towards customers, employees and trade partners, I’ll check it out. Because 10% is 10%.

    • @Micki – I totally agree on the buy, ROI and get products in decent condition.. I’ve actually found Walmart to be better than the average when it comes to that. In fact, dare I say, Walmart products come back better than some Amazon Returns/removal orders (which I’m convinced use the crappiest boxes available).

      I can’t stop laughing at your comment about your experiences at the money center!!! Anyone who would treat you like a criminal clearly needs to be moved to another part of the store, perhaps outdoors!

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