Air Malta launches Sky Spa

Photo Courtesy of Air Malta.

Photo Courtesy of Air Malta.

via Runway Girl and XXL Solutions on twitter, Air Malta launched the first ever Sky Spa.

Air Malta launched the Sky Spa on their Malta-Gatwick-Malta flights, which included a variety of massage treatments, like neck massages. Air Malta was about to do this by teaming up with Myoka Spa’s, which are apparently well known in Malta.

It’s not clear when Air Malta will be offering this exclusive onboard spa experience again, but, it certainly seems like the best way to enjoy an intra-Europe flight, in my opinion.

Would you fly a different airline, if you knew you’d get a neck massage?

2 thoughts on “Air Malta launches Sky Spa

    • As I recall, United’s First and Business class seats have sort’ve a massage built in them… I can’t say I’m a fan of them though.

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