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It’s amazing that we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of Tagging Miles just two short months ago. Since then, and really before then, we’ve been working on some things just to tighten up the blog, and make it a bit more reader friendly. I thought I’d take a moment just to highlight some of the changes.

Changes on the Home Page:

Over the past couple of months, we’ve made some small changes to the home page, below summarizes those:

New Tagging Miles

  • The Green Box: Instead of “About Us” we’ve gone ahead and just changed that to About Tagging Miles – its a pretty superficial change, but, a change known the less.
  • The Purple Box: We have had Ask Tagging Miles for a while, but it just wasn’t working the way I wanted it to. That’s fixed now, and you may have noticed it posted like a post over the weekend. You can see most of the answers by checking that, although sometimes I’ll find a particular question to require a more detailed answer, and so we’ve also added a searchable category for posts called. “Ask Tagging Miles”. I have to say, based on the response received over the weekend, I’m really excited to get this working as envisioned. I will caveat – I am not an expert in everything, but, I’m a pretty good researcher, and I commit to responding to every question posted.
  • The Yellow Box: We’ve had Support Tagging Miles for a while, but, it wasn’t a priority. I made it a priority, because I wanted a cleaner look for the few links we do have. I don’t intend to talk about it much, in fact, this may be the first (or maybe second) time I’ve even posted about it in the ~14 months of blogging. But at least now, it looks more presentable. That said, I am sincerely grateful for those who do support Tagging Miles, including folks who have used my Amazon link in the past (and hopefully in the future).
  • The Red Box: A few months ago, when I started writing the Beginner’s Guide to Fulfillment by Amazon, the feedback, and interest that I received was huge. Kind folks like Doctor of Credit, Rapid Travel Chai, Miles per Day, Miles to Memories, and others have linked to the posts. I felt that it made sense to make these readily available on the front page. I plan to continue to build out the future Beginner’s Guides, and then shift my focus to Intermediate Guides, as I have time. But for now, they’re front and center. For those of you that may remember that the graphics are not as readable – that will change in the next month or so, as I just moved to a new computer and need to port the graphics back into WordPress in their original sizes.

A look to the future

Aside from my intent to continue writing Beginner’s and Intermediate Guides, there is not a whole lot of change to the vision for Tagging Miles. I’ll keep posting as I’m able to, I’ll eventually get around to posting some trip reports from some great first class travel over the past couple of months, and I’ll look forward to many more great interactions.

Here’s where you can help

I never want to make changes in a vacuum. So I’d ask you to share your thoughts in the comments of this post. Comments to the changes, and comments for further improvement, and with that, I’ll finish with my sincere thanks for reading, and this question:

How can we continue to improve the Tagging Miles?


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