AA Systemwide Giveaway – Must fly by 28 Feb


American Airlines 777-300ER

American Airlines 777-300ER

Yesterday, I saw The Flight Deal post a good deal on American Airlines to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I have a couple American Airlines Systemwide Upgrades (SWUs) – so I thought I’d do a couple of giveaways. There will be a minimum of two winners. In order to qualify you need to:

  • Have a revenue ticket booked on American Airlines metal, flying before 28 February
  • Comment about your itinerary on this post.

How the winners will be chosen:

  1. One SWU will be given to the commenter with the painful routing (I admit, this is subjective)
  2. Of the remaining commenters, I’ll use the random number generator to select a winner.


  • AA Systemwide Upgrades are good for a maximum 3 segments.
  • I reserve the right to award more than 2 SWUs.
  • If you know there is confirmable space, please specify it in your comment (I much prefer these to be used!)

I’ll choose winners at 2pm Eastern on 4 January 2015. I can’t wait to see your comments!

Happy New Year!


30 thoughts on “AA Systemwide Giveaway – Must fly by 28 Feb

  1. I just booked my last DL international award with a domestic stop over. All I need now is my February flight to Miami and I’m set. And what better way to try out AA then in biz class!

  2. I have a painful routing on an AA rev ticket to Managua on the 19th of January. Three flights out of Memphis with a long layover in Miami. Thank you.

  3. I’ve got a same day 20 hour trip from LAX>DFW(red eye) >DCA>LAX on Feb 3rd. Would love the upgrade! Thanks so much in advance for your consideration!

  4. I have a AA mileagerun trip in Feb. ( and it is my first international one for mileage run)

    My trip is Lax-Dfw-nrt/hnd-bkk-hkg-dfw-lax. A upgrade for hkg-dfw is respectfully appreciated..

    Whether I got selected or not, it is very kind of you to share your vouchers to make people’s trip more pleasant.

    Thank you


  5. I’ve got a same day 20 hour trip from LAX>DFW(red eye) >DCA>LAX on Feb 3rd. Would love the upgrade! Thanks so much in advance for your consideration, Trevor!

  6. SFO to HUG via DFW with an 18 hour layover before reversing the same route on a mileage run leaving January 20. An upgrade would be an absolute lifesaver!

  7. Flying AA from JFK-BCN on 1/15 – would love to try out the new 767 biz class seats (not nearly as good as 777-300’s, I know). Thanks!

  8. Three trips planned:
    JFK to Stuttgart via LHR on AA metal to/from LHR
    JFK to ZRH on AA metal
    JFK to HKG on AA metal; 16 hours from DFW will be much more pleasant with those lie-flats!


    Around 33k miles.

    Is it painful enought?

  10. Firstly, thanks for the kind offer with the SWU giveaways. VERY generous of you.

    I have nothing booked as of now that I need them for. But if chosen, I’d find an upgradable PHL-DFW-HKG mileage run, as I’ve been looking to do that for some time, and this would certainly make a same day turn much less painful!

  11. Trevor – Headed on a quick trip to Hong Kong and back (on American of course) from NYC via DFW in early Feb, and am daunted by the thought of two 17 hour flights within four days. The routing isn’t what’s painful, it’s the thought of what sitting in coach for that long will do to my aging body! It’s exceptionally generous of you to offer your upgrades, regardless, so thank you. And if what you mean by confirmable space is empty seats in business, at the moment, most are showing as available, but I don’t qualify for upgrades myself so I can just look at those blue boxes longingly….

  12. Not a painful flight at all, BUT I’m flying from JFK –> ORD on my birthday (Feb. 26th) to visit my partner. I’ve only ever flown coach so this could be a fun birthday treat. I could send a scan of my license to verify birthdate.

    So nice of you to do this for two lucky people!

  13. I’ve got a painful route from jan-lax-hkg- to my final destination of Bangkok for me and my girlfriends (her first overseas trip) first trip to Thailand. 2/13-2/20

  14. On Feb 16 I’m flying AA 107 from LHR to JFK (after flying on a BA flight booked thru AA from GVA TO LHR). Would love an upgrade…thanks!

  15. I have a painful confirmed AA flight coming up in two weeks. My wife, 6 year old daughter and I will be flying from JFK to Vienna via Düsseldorf. Once in Vienna we will be boarding a flight to Paris. We will be in economy for approximately 14 hours before its all said and done. We would truly appreciate a SWU for at least my daughter. Thanks for giving us hope of a more comfortable flight. Happy New Year!!

  16. Commenting on behalf of my mom’s AA trip.

    She’s flying EWR-DFW-SJC on Jan 20 and same routing back on Feb 11.

    She’s going for her mom’s 100th birthday party!!! I’ll be attending grandma’s party too but have a much shorter flight from SEA.

    Thanks for your generous offer!

  17. Goimg on a mission trip in 2 weeks to serve some typhoon ravaged folks in the Philipines. 4 of us are booked on paid coach fares from dfw to hkg on aa metal, then on to ceb. I hear that this is the longest flight that aa flies.

  18. Knoxville to Honolulu – TYS-CLT-LAS-HNL, HNL-DFW-TYS, two redeye flights. Would love to give my back a break and maybe get some sleep in business/first.

  19. I have a run coming up mid January. Phl-dfw 45 min connection dfw-lax 3 hour stop. Lax-las 6 hours overnight. Las-dfw 1 hour and 15 mins connection then dfw-phl. 5 segments and over 5000 miles in 24 hours all on AA metal. I need help lol.

  20. Hello Trevor!

    I’ll flight on January 4 at midnight SCL-MIA-MAR and I’ll really appreciated a SWU for this long flight.

    Many thanks in advance!

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