Special Saturday Reselling Roundup

This week, there was just so much info in the Tagging Miles Weekly Roundup, that we thought we’d do a special Reselling Roundup focused post today.

Reselling Roundup

Reseller Confessions, the team from that wrote Reselling via AZ Flips  is putting out some great material, like outlining some key points on sourcing from Target, Speaking of Reselling Via AZ Flips – Here’s Part Twoand finally, if you’ve seen folks marketing buy lists, this is a post you’ll want to read, so you can get the best value for your money (if you choose to buy lists at all).
Mike writing on FBA Master provides the Analysis of a Flip. There’s a lot of important tidbits here for resellers to be cognizant of, for example, the periodicity of reviews can be a big indicator of sales.
I’m very focused on miles and points, admittedly, with a name like Tagging Miles. But, Oren offers the opportunity cost of earning miles when reselling, vs. cashback. I’d offer that a balance is key. The other benefit is, while you could earn $17.5k (in his example), that also increases your taxable income, whereas, at the present time, miles don’t appear to be taxable.
Finally, if you didn’t see it earlier in the week, I put together a brief post on Sales Tax and Fulfillment by Amazon, there are some great tidbits in the comments as well!
Have a great weekend! 

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