PFDigest sells out!

We started this blog a few months ago mostly because we like to follow and expound upon personal finance, credit cards, and other related (and unrelated) topics. The first few weeks of the blog there were so few readers that we could usually figure out who had read it on any given day, since the only readers were a few friends and family members.

The numbers started ticking up slowly–very slowly, actually–until one day Frequent Miler linked to us, and then Frugal Travel Guy linked to us, and then some Chinese website which we’d never heard of before but which is apparently much bigger than FM and FTG combined linked to us. We still don’t have too many readers, but certainly more than we did two months ago, so we figured it was time to cash in.

And in this case, “cash in” means “make enough money for hosting fees.” If you remember our 2012 annual revenue statement, you may have figured out that the big fat zero we posted for 2012–and have maintained to this day–does not cover certain fees associated with maintaining a blog. We recently signed up for some advertising and will hopefully be able to bring in a little bit of money.

All of which is to say, if you see us sticking links to financial products, travel products, or anything else which might be of interest to readers of this site, that’s what’s going on. We realize that it’s possible for too much of that to degrade a site’s quality, not to mention its editorial positions (we suddenly realized that the Bank of America Worldpoints program is AMAZING!!!!) so we’ll try to keep that in mind.

If something we’re doing is terrible, feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment. You can also speak up if we’re doing a good job, because we’re suckers for flattery. Honestly, we’re not always sure what people like or don’t like here. It takes a certain critical mass to get comments going, since only a very small percentage of readers leave comments, and we’re not there yet. Any publicity is good publicity, and likewise any feedback is good feedback.

And finally: thanks to all of you for reading! We never expected anybody beyond a few people we know would actually read this site, so we’re humbled and appreciative.

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  • I am a big fan of your blog and I thank you for showing us how to save that hard earned penny. I wish you guys the very best..

    • Thanks Kunal!


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